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Dr. Raskar Eye Hospital
Raskar Eye Hospital is one of the most reputed Eye Clinics in Bhosari. Nature is without doubt the beautiful creation created by God. This nature comprises of several beautiful colors, life and we all are a part of this amazing culture. The one thing that makes us aware and visualize this beautiful planet is none but our eyes. Imagine!! Is it possible to view this beautiful nature and planet if you don't have an eyesight? It's not possible. With this aim in mind, we, who strive for one goal and i.e. (eye donation) to provide eyesight to the ones who need it, need your help in this noble cause. It's only with your help that this noble cause of eye donation can reach its destination. We request you to help generously in this noble cause. You have got a great opportunity to get a great virtue by supporting this noble cause.
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